art show1

After TAPA today, we went out to dinner and I have to tell you, TAPA was Ciara’s top of conversation! She LOVES you, Sidiki and TAPA! She demonstrated YOGA for restaurant goers, tapped the table, water glasses with forks as instruments, etc and all patrons, young and old, got into the spirit. One middle aged man asked, “You are very good, where do you go to school?” Ciara replied, “I go to TAPA, be-o-ba-ba!” Thank you so much for all that you do. Please know, you DO make a difference and an everlasting experience!

– Dawn M.

Morgan 3



I recently had the pleasure of attending a recital for our daughter Carrie’s ballet class at your school. I was very impressed with the lovely, patient staff and faculty. I am told that Carrie really enjoys her class and I want to thank you for giving children like Carrie the opportunity to be involved in art forms which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to pursue. The patience and dedication of your staff is very much appreciated!

– Nancy and Frank M.