For additional information please call: 516-432-0200 or contact us by email.

  • Children & young adults with special needs as well as typically-developing students are welcome.
  • Enrollment is ongoing.
  • Clean, spacious studios with private parking lot.  Parking and entrance behind building.
  • Small class size.
  • Everyone is paired with a one-on-one buddy.
  • Located on Lido Boulevard across the street from the Golf course and the Long Beach Middle School.
  • Financial assistance is available.

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The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts can customize our schedule to suit the needs of our students and families. If you would like to take a class that isn’t on the list, or are not available at a specific day/time that we currently offer programming, please let us know. We would love to add classes for you!

Subjects Taught:


Young dancers are introduced to Ballet vocabulary, floor exercises and keeping time to music. Children will play and explore the arts in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Guided tours on a “magic carpet” will take the class to wonderful places, which include popular children’s stories and plays.  Props, costumes, and games are used to celebrate our movement. Deaf and Hard of Hearing children are welcomed. Comfortable attire required.


Yoga is a wonderful time for students to relax and unwind. A fun, up-beat way to learn both Yoga and beginning Yoga techniques as we share songs and stories with one another. This is the perfect opportunity to stretch, and strengthen your mind and body. Increases flexibility, strength, and coordination. Wear comfortable clothing.

Dancers with Wheels – Looking to Start Class

Sit-down Dancers will be introduced to the wonderful world of music and movement. Dancers will experience floor exercises, dancing across the studio floor and moving on to a finished dance. Along with their wheelchairs, dancers will use their legs, arms, backs, necks and faces for expression in the same way as stand-up dancers. Each dancer will be encouraged to focus on their strengths and abilities. Class is limited to 4 students.


Students engage in a variety of activities that increase musicality, independent thinking, expression, and cognitive as well as fine motor skills. There is singing, dancing, instrument-playing, and story-telling through movement and song.


An exciting drama and movement experience which introduces students to the world of theatre through improvisation, character development, and dance and drama games. Increases language skills and concentration. The drama class builds confidence, pride in team-work, strength, coordination and balance. Students are encouraged to think and act creatively.


A class where we explore the joy of rhythm while working together as individuals and a team to create exciting music that echoes the styles of African drumming, Native American drumming, and more. Activities include call-and-response, drum circles, and a variety of other activities to engage everyone!


Students explore their creativity by using paint, clay, beads, and mixed media.  Artists weave and sculpt, draw and write, create original pieces of art and study famous artists, themes, and pieces.  Art classes are mixed level/age and everyone’s special talents are honed.  Work is displayed in the halls of TAPA, at various art exhibitions locally throughout the year, and at periodic showcases.


Students explore dance and rhythms movements of many different cultures in a fun, upbeat setting. Class is modified for each student’s unique abilities and goals.