An Ever-Relevant Post

TAPA Mom, Samantha Sosnik, put up an annual post in May of 2016, during Williams Syndrome Awareness month. In the funny way that social media works, someone recently saw that post from more than a year ago, commented on it, and within minutes it had skyrocketed to 300 likes with dozens upon dozens of comments. Samantha’s message is… Read More »

Happy Holidays

The faculty and staff of The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts wishes you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and joyful New Year!  


By: Susan Russo Active children are happy children. At least, as a mom of four, that is my belief. As parents we all recognize that (as a rule) busy children are less likely to become bored, and thus exhibit negative or inappropriate behavior. I believe that this holds true for typically developing children as well… Read More »

Dance — the Central Art

By: Susan Russo Having made that statement, I am quite certain that my musician and artist friends are shaking their heads and saying to themselves, “No Susan, it’s singing, playing an instrument, painting, sculpting…” I am however sticking to my beliefs, because I am from the culture of moving and have seen the many benefits,… Read More »

Camp Scholarships

Thanks to generous donations from local businesses and friends, we were able to provide seven full camp scholarships and tuition assistance for ten additional students in the summer of 2016.  These scholarships helped students to participate in fine and performing arts classes during the summer when their academic and therapeutic programs were not in session. TAPA camp… Read More »

From Max

Some thoughts from our TAPA Intern, Max!   I originally heard of TAPA through my mother’s close friend Lisa Brodwin, whose daughter, Morgan Brodwin, used to be a student at TAPA.  She suggested that volunteering at TAPA would be a good Bar-Mitzvah Project for me to complete.  About two weeks after I started, I quickly… Read More »


CAN’T WALK? WHY NOT GO DANCING! By: Susan Russo I have always been intrigued by the grace and agility of ballroom dancers. In fact, the movie “Mad Hot Ballroom” is one of my favorite films. If you’ve never seen it, please do so… it is about an amazing ballroom dance program introduced to fifth graders… Read More »

Hearts Full of Song!

This year’s camp theme echoes the sentiments of the 22nd annual Theresa Awards Dinner “With a Song In My Heart” we celebrated an enchanted summer.  Our songs of the day focused on hearts and love and led to memorable times!  Love Shack, Song of the Heart, and Groove is in the Heart we just some… Read More »

Meet Carly!

Carly is returning to TAPA as an intern for her second year!  She is a constant source of fun and laughter for our students. She was worked with many of our students as a one-on-one buddy during camp, respite, weekly classes, and Sunday workshops.  —— TAPA is a great program for special needs kids.  Throughout… Read More »

A Night with “Lil” Tee… A Time to Remember

The welcome address from Theresa’s 21st Birthday Party   Theresa loved music… all types of music.  I would play Motown and classical music for her, and her dad was always bounce her around to his favorite Rock and Roll songs.  You know that song… “Shake It Up Baby – Twist and Shout”.   Music is a… Read More »